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"justice the founder of my fabric moved: to rear me was the task
of power divine, supremest wisdom, and primeval love"
dante alighieri

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My boss and the library director are tight and today at our work meeting it was suggested that we do a Writing Center vs. Library Staff game of Capture the Flag in the library after hours.

The library director (who is pretty A+ great and he looks like he’s going to be perpetually physically 20 years old) is actually down for this idea if we can get it organized.

Perks of a small school, I guess.

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Boys are dumb. Donuts are not. Forget the boys and eat the donuts.


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Oh hey, not a big deal, but the hubble took a picture of a star that’s nearing supernova status.

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1. duck sauce has an album now and I’m kind of geeked because A-Trak doing funky bass things
2. everybody was blindsided by this guy’s decision to get himself a (freshman) girlfriend in the last weeks of his senior year
3. prob Hinckly’s donuts tomorrow (voted best in the state and I’m inclined to agree)
4. no school friday or monday
5. 96% of men are idiots and/or scum, and the remaining four percent are married or are going to be married soon and are only in my life to show me what happens if I gamble on horrible odds and somehow win

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Breathe Carolina - Please Don’t Stay

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I want to be wherever Steve Buscemi and Vampire Weekend are handing out peeps.

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Ramona Flowers, who is also my favorite on-campus metal-loving man, came to my screenplay reading on Saturday late and then left when it was over without saying anything. He also heard me read at QUIRK (see two weeks ago).

We keep making eye contact and I just want to tell him that he can talk to me and it’s okay.

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Survey of /r/mensrights turns up pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

White, male, 17-20 years-old, and disconnected from reality.